The Risen Generation

Session 10

"Practicality IS kinky."

Daro, Aurana, and Ryn awoke the next day and proceeded to march Mr. Wantstodie back to face justice in stonesthrow. They filled Mayor Jaris in on (most) of what had happened, collecting some nice Mayoral thanks as well as Concy with his cart. Also lots of nice cushions. The next day they headed out to collect Varis and MC Cultlet who had been doing a lot more sleeping on rocks and roots than the rest. Together they headed on to Tesrim.

On the way the Muckabouts encountered customs officers and managed to not get arrested which was honestly surprising. But instead they reached the city without incident. Relying on Varis’ local knowlege they got rooms and stables at the Purple Pig and then split off on various tasks. Varis saw to Joanstown Jr’s disappearance while Aurana guided Daro to the mage’s college where the forign wizard hoped to find someone quallified to deal with a sinister death cult manipulating strange magic. What he found was a secretary.

Luckily the secretary was not phased by Daro’s eloquent attempt to explain the issue and directed him to Professor Erts of Wartime Studies. Daro and Aurana met the man and it was around this time that Daro began to suspect that these mages did not represent the military command of this city. Still, they learned some stuff about other potential cult sites and then got pointed off in the diection of someone who might actuallly be able to arrest cult members. Which turned out to be the DMV. Aurana gave Daro a lot of “I told you so” looks that he studiously ignored while he grabbed a number.

Meanwhile, Ryn went for a walk and heard some disturbing things about a recent murder of a well know Risen. So, well, a re-murder. Stepping into a bar to wash that down she met Varis and Varis’ uncle who was quite a bit more scaly and enthusiastic than she might have expected and appreciated respectively. And wonder of wonders, Varis’ guy knew a guy who might know something.



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