The Risen Generation

Session 9

"Larry, Moe, and Curly want our blood."

Papa Cultist wasn’t talking but luckily, with creative use of an illusion cantrip some acting classes and a gag, the Muckabouts managed to convince My Littlest Cultist to flip. Well, actually they started getting a little carried away and tried about five different intimidation methods involving lies and blood and knives, each creepier than the last but something must have worked. Baby Deathwatch spilled the beans on the code for the secret missives which had been giving Daro a headache in exchange for Varis’ promise to help get him out of dodge, dodge here being defined in a tectonic sense. Varis was all ready to head out into the night that moment, however, those with an appreciation for sleep and spell slots were less enthusiastic about abandoning the promise of beds. That is when Ryn heard something trying to get into the secret hill-base.

Trying was the key word. Daro identified the would be intruders as goblins and the group split up to deal with them. Daro magically flung open the back door and he and Aurana started raining down hurt on three suprised goblins. Meanwhile, Varis and Ryn took their positions to watch the front door. And continued to watch it. And watched some more while screams, crashes, and the sounds of people suddenly catching on fire filtered in from the other room. Finaly, Varis got bored and took Daro’s approach of magicaly flinging open the door.

Two goblin stooges stumbled in and were immediately slaughtered by arrow and chainsaw rapier. At this point the one remaining goblin in each room decided to hightail it. Caught up in a nasty bit of bloodlust, Aurana bolted after her target, pursued by a worried Daro. Ryn advanced at a more leasurly pace to the front of the base where she could see the goblin distantly running out into the night. One well aimed arrow and he wasn’t running any more.

At this point Daro proclaimed that he was going to sleep and should not be woken unless the next batch of attackers were competent. Varis grabbed Murderboy Jr and trecked out into the night.



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