The Risen Generation

Session 7

"Creepiness is a Free Action"

The Muckabouts defeated the evil cleric-killing merchants. Yay! Then they started coughing up black slime. Less yay. Daro ran over to Ryn’s target see what was wrong. That is when the merchant’s bones melted and they started shooting out black tentacles from their mouths. Turns out quite a bit was wrong.

Varis responded to this change of events, as he responded to many things, by stabbing. And that is when the party learned they bled acid explosively. Ryn decided that close range was a sucker’s game, hopping up to to the cart where a restrained Lorenzo was doing his best terrified caterpillar impersonation, though at a terrible cost of an acid eaten boot. The rest of the party quickly joined her as Daro yelled for Unintended Consequences to pull them away.

Ryn ammended Daro’s screaming by calling out in Horse while Aurana grabbed the reigns, and Varis stabbed at the monsters which grabbed on to the side. Things looked bad as the exWallace lashed out at poor Concy, but the beast quickly proved himself to be a cross-platform descendant of Best Horse. Horray for Concy! The party began to pull away but the vile notaWallace jumped up to attack. Fortunately, Daro slammed into him with his shield and pushed him off, allowing Aurana to guide Concy into giving the party range to rain a barrage of spells down on them until the creepiness stopped.

After that little piece of excitement, the group had a few questions for Lorenzo. Lorenzo had some questions too, like why his stomach felt funny and why there was black at the corners of his mouth. Doctor Daro sprang into action and quickly deduced that what his patient needed was an actual doctor. Aurana turned Concy, now firmly determined to be theirs by right of conquest, while Daro wrapped Lorenzo up and fended off Varis from cutting off patches of his skin.

In town, Concy came screeching upto the house of the local naturalists. Inside, there was a flurry of action that ended with extracting a vial of goopy black nastiness. Ryn, Varis, and Aurana then launched into questioning a no longer dying Lorenzo while Daro and the omnipresent Dandy poked at the goo.

Soon enough several generations of Mayor arrived to see what was up. Lorenzo had cofessed to his crimes with a curious lack of concern and implicated the local Bellhall as confederates. Unfortunately once the Muckabouts and local government arrived it turned out that a panicked wagon tearing theough town towards the healers is not inconspicuous so the Bellhalls were long gone. While Ryn and Varis stood guard Daro and Aurana searched inside and found a secret basement room stuffed full of coded documents. Daro was curious but Aurana saw something more.

Aurana recognized the seal on the coded messages as relating to the tragic end of her monastery home. It took a while, but Daro noticed something was wrong and when pressed Aurana revealed the sad story.

There were a lot of pieces, a stolen “heirloom”, a raven statue, a zombie making ritual, a map with other ley line sites, clerics of Talona, and bone melting black oil. But in more imprtant news…Concy has joined the party!



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