The Risen Generation

Session 6

"I'll just tap him and...oh."

The corrupting rune on the Raven Statue and its guardian had been defeated but that still gave no clues about who was behind all this zombie nonsense. So the four muckabouts returned to the Inn and slept until the next day when they went out for another bout of investigation. Daro had a very sensible and reasonable lead that revealed a great deal of interesting information. It just turned out that none of it was directly helpful for finding the zombiemancer.

While Aurana and Daro were questioning a very sprightly one hundred and twenty year old man about historical subjects, learning all about the Holy Order of DON’T and their war against the Kabal of Whispering Lizards, Ryn and Varis were in a bar. While Varis was erm “conducting investigations”, Ryn noticed that there were some merchants in town whose story did not exactly add up. She sat down with one, a man named Lorenzo who most certainly did not hunt people for sport, and started to gather unsettling hints, at least untill a digected Daro returned and obliviously plopped down in the middle of the conversation.

Luckily Ryn was able to salvage things and arranged to get herself and Daro possitions as temporary guards for the merchants who by this point if they were not behind the dissapearance of the called for Cleric should demand a refund from whoever taught them how to talk. The next day the caravan set out with Aurana and Varis trailing along hidden in the woods.

Surprise! It was a trap. While Daro joined in the traditional exchange of banter Ryn simply shot the creepy bastard who was digging into his own palm with a dagger and talking about his dark god. This proved to be a good idea as said Creepy Bastard neƩ Wallace started casting cleric spells. In response Aurana and Varis rushed out of the woods to beat and stab him which was quickly enhanced by Daro making Aurana sprout up to ten feet tall.

Ryn managed to knock out the creepy Cleric by wrapping him up with magical vines but the rest of his men refused to surrender. Daro looked at the man who had been hacking at his sheild the whole time and since he was not showing any reason he called on a bit of the power of his Secret God. Daro said, “Inflict Wounds, level one, nonlethal” and touched the man’s chest. The secret god said, “Nope” and the man’s head exploded.

Oh, and then Aurana put a horse in a headlock. The remaining conscious man, Lorenzo the manhunter, surrendered himself and the cart. A rather shaken Daro named the horse Unintended Consequences.


As far as Ryn could ascertain, Lorenzo was neither an employee or client of Elite Hunting, but rather just a bandit minion. We haven’t gotten to pumping Wallace for information yet.

Session 6

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