The Risen Generation

Session 5

"The fuck is that?!"

The battle commences! In a secret cavern under the town of Stonesthrow our intrepid protagonists discovered a giant dead spider, a suspicious magical raven statue, and a lot of web wrapped corpses, one of which turned out to be not particularly corpsy. A gentle investigatory knife-poke from Varis revealed what Daro dubbed a “web-mummy” which proceeded to vigorously attack.

Amid the noxious air Varis practicing his patented “Stab and Wubwubwubwubwub!” technique, leaving the wizard to face the monster at point blank range. Aurana bravely ran in, hit the thing once with her quarterstaff, discovered that punches were useless, and ran back to dart range, once again leaving Daro alone. Undisturbed by Daro’s panicked cries of “What the hell is this thing?!” Ryn sensibly remembered that webs can be flammable and prepared a flaming arrow that struck deeply to great effect, even as Daro zapped the thing well enough to escape.

That escape was shortlived as the web-creature chased Daro to the foot of the Raven statue where his armor finaly failed him as the creature unleashed a devastating engulfing attack. Luckily his friends were able to shoot and stab the creature enough to put it down, collapsing into an empty heap of webs. Gasping for now hospitable air, a battered Daro emerged to find a black orb sitting on the floor in the place of a monsterous body. Close and careful inspection revealed the orb bore the symbol of the plague god Talona, a symbol matching a defacing carving on the mysterious Raven Statue.

It seemed that the statue was the source of the strange magical aura blanketing the town and was somehow being polites by the Talona rune. After franticly disuading Varis from smashing the whole thing with a hammer, Daro agreed to carefully disable the rune which did in fact remove the corrupted nature of the statue’s energy output. There was a bit of celebration, which Aurana quickly pointed out was premature. Someone had ordered the skeletons they had seen to dig the elaborate tunnles under the town. That same someone had probobly defaced the Raven statue, the purpose of which was still unknown.

There was still a lot more to uncover. But in the meantime, Level up!



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