The Risen Generation

Session 10
"Practicality IS kinky."

Daro, Aurana, and Ryn awoke the next day and proceeded to march Mr. Wantstodie back to face justice in stonesthrow. They filled Mayor Jaris in on (most) of what had happened, collecting some nice Mayoral thanks as well as Concy with his cart. Also lots of nice cushions. The next day they headed out to collect Varis and MC Cultlet who had been doing a lot more sleeping on rocks and roots than the rest. Together they headed on to Tesrim.

On the way the Muckabouts encountered customs officers and managed to not get arrested which was honestly surprising. But instead they reached the city without incident. Relying on Varis’ local knowlege they got rooms and stables at the Purple Pig and then split off on various tasks. Varis saw to Joanstown Jr’s disappearance while Aurana guided Daro to the mage’s college where the forign wizard hoped to find someone quallified to deal with a sinister death cult manipulating strange magic. What he found was a secretary.

Luckily the secretary was not phased by Daro’s eloquent attempt to explain the issue and directed him to Professor Erts of Wartime Studies. Daro and Aurana met the man and it was around this time that Daro began to suspect that these mages did not represent the military command of this city. Still, they learned some stuff about other potential cult sites and then got pointed off in the diection of someone who might actuallly be able to arrest cult members. Which turned out to be the DMV. Aurana gave Daro a lot of “I told you so” looks that he studiously ignored while he grabbed a number.

Meanwhile, Ryn went for a walk and heard some disturbing things about a recent murder of a well know Risen. So, well, a re-murder. Stepping into a bar to wash that down she met Varis and Varis’ uncle who was quite a bit more scaly and enthusiastic than she might have expected and appreciated respectively. And wonder of wonders, Varis’ guy knew a guy who might know something.

Session 9
"Larry, Moe, and Curly want our blood."

Papa Cultist wasn’t talking but luckily, with creative use of an illusion cantrip some acting classes and a gag, the Muckabouts managed to convince My Littlest Cultist to flip. Well, actually they started getting a little carried away and tried about five different intimidation methods involving lies and blood and knives, each creepier than the last but something must have worked. Baby Deathwatch spilled the beans on the code for the secret missives which had been giving Daro a headache in exchange for Varis’ promise to help get him out of dodge, dodge here being defined in a tectonic sense. Varis was all ready to head out into the night that moment, however, those with an appreciation for sleep and spell slots were less enthusiastic about abandoning the promise of beds. That is when Ryn heard something trying to get into the secret hill-base.

Trying was the key word. Daro identified the would be intruders as goblins and the group split up to deal with them. Daro magically flung open the back door and he and Aurana started raining down hurt on three suprised goblins. Meanwhile, Varis and Ryn took their positions to watch the front door. And continued to watch it. And watched some more while screams, crashes, and the sounds of people suddenly catching on fire filtered in from the other room. Finaly, Varis got bored and took Daro’s approach of magicaly flinging open the door.

Two goblin stooges stumbled in and were immediately slaughtered by arrow and chainsaw rapier. At this point the one remaining goblin in each room decided to hightail it. Caught up in a nasty bit of bloodlust, Aurana bolted after her target, pursued by a worried Daro. Ryn advanced at a more leasurly pace to the front of the base where she could see the goblin distantly running out into the night. One well aimed arrow and he wasn’t running any more.

At this point Daro proclaimed that he was going to sleep and should not be woken unless the next batch of attackers were competent. Varis grabbed Murderboy Jr and trecked out into the night.

Session 8
"Goblin Druids!"

The Bellhalls, murderous accomplices that they were, had skadadled. Luckily, trusty Ryn the ranger was able to find tracks leading out the back of the trading post into the spooky woods. Jaris the mayor tried to insist that they were just normal woods but Daro counter-insisted that those were just as bad. But the Muckabouts had little time to argue and so set off to track down the people who had been part of the weird bone-melting Talona cult.

In the woods of variable spookiness the group suddenly got the sense that they were being followed. Ryn got the idea that it was something wolf sized, and Daro just muttered about everything in nature being terrible. Aurana floated the idea of druids and the ensuing argument about the precise capabilities of druids lasted until whatever was following had long since given up.

But just as night began to fall and they reached the other side of the woods an old friend popped up. It was Ug the goblin, sporting his jaunty “all my friends are dead” hat. Daro was pleased to see the little thing and cheerfully chatted with him while the rest of the group remembered that Ug had tried to kill them as his first introduction. Ug delivered a warning about a nearby goblin camp as well as pointing the way the two Bellhals had gone before barking and vanishing into the night.

By now the group had figured out that the Bellhalls had to be heading for an X mark on a map they had found in the secret basement and so did not need to spend time following tracks in the dark. That map lead them to a hill with a secret bunker-type building dug into it. Varis snuck up to the door and listened, confirm that he heard two voices inside. After unlatching the door with some wizardly goodness, the group burst in and quickly subdued the Bellhalls, stopping them before they could destroy more of the coded messages.

A search of the small, two room base did not reveal much of note and when the caltives woke up the interrogation began. The two were fanatics and mostly spouted rote cult nonsense about “the end is coming”, “Death’s final answer”, and “all shall fall to doom but in destruction we chosen shall receive exhalation”. You know, that sort of stuff. However, Varis with a suspiciously good impression of a murderous bastard managed to plant a seed of doubt in the youngest.

Session 7
"Creepiness is a Free Action"

The Muckabouts defeated the evil cleric-killing merchants. Yay! Then they started coughing up black slime. Less yay. Daro ran over to Ryn’s target see what was wrong. That is when the merchant’s bones melted and they started shooting out black tentacles from their mouths. Turns out quite a bit was wrong.

Varis responded to this change of events, as he responded to many things, by stabbing. And that is when the party learned they bled acid explosively. Ryn decided that close range was a sucker’s game, hopping up to to the cart where a restrained Lorenzo was doing his best terrified caterpillar impersonation, though at a terrible cost of an acid eaten boot. The rest of the party quickly joined her as Daro yelled for Unintended Consequences to pull them away.

Ryn ammended Daro’s screaming by calling out in Horse while Aurana grabbed the reigns, and Varis stabbed at the monsters which grabbed on to the side. Things looked bad as the exWallace lashed out at poor Concy, but the beast quickly proved himself to be a cross-platform descendant of Best Horse. Horray for Concy! The party began to pull away but the vile notaWallace jumped up to attack. Fortunately, Daro slammed into him with his shield and pushed him off, allowing Aurana to guide Concy into giving the party range to rain a barrage of spells down on them until the creepiness stopped.

After that little piece of excitement, the group had a few questions for Lorenzo. Lorenzo had some questions too, like why his stomach felt funny and why there was black at the corners of his mouth. Doctor Daro sprang into action and quickly deduced that what his patient needed was an actual doctor. Aurana turned Concy, now firmly determined to be theirs by right of conquest, while Daro wrapped Lorenzo up and fended off Varis from cutting off patches of his skin.

In town, Concy came screeching upto the house of the local naturalists. Inside, there was a flurry of action that ended with extracting a vial of goopy black nastiness. Ryn, Varis, and Aurana then launched into questioning a no longer dying Lorenzo while Daro and the omnipresent Dandy poked at the goo.

Soon enough several generations of Mayor arrived to see what was up. Lorenzo had cofessed to his crimes with a curious lack of concern and implicated the local Bellhall as confederates. Unfortunately once the Muckabouts and local government arrived it turned out that a panicked wagon tearing theough town towards the healers is not inconspicuous so the Bellhalls were long gone. While Ryn and Varis stood guard Daro and Aurana searched inside and found a secret basement room stuffed full of coded documents. Daro was curious but Aurana saw something more.

Aurana recognized the seal on the coded messages as relating to the tragic end of her monastery home. It took a while, but Daro noticed something was wrong and when pressed Aurana revealed the sad story.

There were a lot of pieces, a stolen “heirloom”, a raven statue, a zombie making ritual, a map with other ley line sites, clerics of Talona, and bone melting black oil. But in more imprtant news…Concy has joined the party!

Session 6
"I'll just tap him and...oh."

The corrupting rune on the Raven Statue and its guardian had been defeated but that still gave no clues about who was behind all this zombie nonsense. So the four muckabouts returned to the Inn and slept until the next day when they went out for another bout of investigation. Daro had a very sensible and reasonable lead that revealed a great deal of interesting information. It just turned out that none of it was directly helpful for finding the zombiemancer.

While Aurana and Daro were questioning a very sprightly one hundred and twenty year old man about historical subjects, learning all about the Holy Order of DON’T and their war against the Kabal of Whispering Lizards, Ryn and Varis were in a bar. While Varis was erm “conducting investigations”, Ryn noticed that there were some merchants in town whose story did not exactly add up. She sat down with one, a man named Lorenzo who most certainly did not hunt people for sport, and started to gather unsettling hints, at least untill a digected Daro returned and obliviously plopped down in the middle of the conversation.

Luckily Ryn was able to salvage things and arranged to get herself and Daro possitions as temporary guards for the merchants who by this point if they were not behind the dissapearance of the called for Cleric should demand a refund from whoever taught them how to talk. The next day the caravan set out with Aurana and Varis trailing along hidden in the woods.

Surprise! It was a trap. While Daro joined in the traditional exchange of banter Ryn simply shot the creepy bastard who was digging into his own palm with a dagger and talking about his dark god. This proved to be a good idea as said Creepy Bastard neé Wallace started casting cleric spells. In response Aurana and Varis rushed out of the woods to beat and stab him which was quickly enhanced by Daro making Aurana sprout up to ten feet tall.

Ryn managed to knock out the creepy Cleric by wrapping him up with magical vines but the rest of his men refused to surrender. Daro looked at the man who had been hacking at his sheild the whole time and since he was not showing any reason he called on a bit of the power of his Secret God. Daro said, “Inflict Wounds, level one, nonlethal” and touched the man’s chest. The secret god said, “Nope” and the man’s head exploded.

Oh, and then Aurana put a horse in a headlock. The remaining conscious man, Lorenzo the manhunter, surrendered himself and the cart. A rather shaken Daro named the horse Unintended Consequences.

Session 5
"The fuck is that?!"

The battle commences! In a secret cavern under the town of Stonesthrow our intrepid protagonists discovered a giant dead spider, a suspicious magical raven statue, and a lot of web wrapped corpses, one of which turned out to be not particularly corpsy. A gentle investigatory knife-poke from Varis revealed what Daro dubbed a “web-mummy” which proceeded to vigorously attack.

Amid the noxious air Varis practicing his patented “Stab and Wubwubwubwubwub!” technique, leaving the wizard to face the monster at point blank range. Aurana bravely ran in, hit the thing once with her quarterstaff, discovered that punches were useless, and ran back to dart range, once again leaving Daro alone. Undisturbed by Daro’s panicked cries of “What the hell is this thing?!” Ryn sensibly remembered that webs can be flammable and prepared a flaming arrow that struck deeply to great effect, even as Daro zapped the thing well enough to escape.

That escape was shortlived as the web-creature chased Daro to the foot of the Raven statue where his armor finaly failed him as the creature unleashed a devastating engulfing attack. Luckily his friends were able to shoot and stab the creature enough to put it down, collapsing into an empty heap of webs. Gasping for now hospitable air, a battered Daro emerged to find a black orb sitting on the floor in the place of a monsterous body. Close and careful inspection revealed the orb bore the symbol of the plague god Talona, a symbol matching a defacing carving on the mysterious Raven Statue.

It seemed that the statue was the source of the strange magical aura blanketing the town and was somehow being polites by the Talona rune. After franticly disuading Varis from smashing the whole thing with a hammer, Daro agreed to carefully disable the rune which did in fact remove the corrupted nature of the statue’s energy output. There was a bit of celebration, which Aurana quickly pointed out was premature. Someone had ordered the skeletons they had seen to dig the elaborate tunnles under the town. That same someone had probobly defaced the Raven statue, the purpose of which was still unknown.

There was still a lot more to uncover. But in the meantime, Level up!

Session 4
"In-character coward"

After a night of mayor-saving, the group took a well-earned opportunity to rest and armor up. However, even amid all that there was a chance for Daro to corner Ryn to offer his apologies for his rant last night in the form of a new rant about his home civilization being destroyed by druids and elves or something. Mostly just whining. Ryn cheered him up with goodnatured reassurances from her bottomless well of partience for her party members’ idiocy.

By this point Varis was long gone, having taken two attacks from the undead in as many days as a sign that it might do well to get in a little better with the god Lady Luck. He made his proper offering but if it earned him anything other than a thumbs up from an old shrinekeeper only time will tell.

The rest of the group spent a god chunk of the day wandering through Stonesthrow trying to figure out Whats With The Zombies. They came up empty-handed except for a Daro plan to set up a series of Bait Bodies the next night. Ryn sighed at the apparent trend of all Daro’s plans involving desecration.

Fortunately, at this point a local Risen named Alise decided to volunteer that the local mausoleum had started to spit up zombos a while back. The town, quite sensibly, decided to lock the door and ignore it in the hope the problem would sort its self out. Mostly out of mounting confusion and frustration the party decided to go check this out and at least beat up some corpses if nothing else.

Inside they found corpses sure enough. Varis had a great time murdering the already dead, Aurana found herself doubly indebted to Daro’s Secret God of helpful healing spells, Daro found that other wizards are idiots for not wearing armor, and Ryn found a promising looking tunnel.

By now the party was confidant that they had worked out what was going on. The tunnle had been dug by controled Skeletons and had allowed a necromancer hiding in the village to sneak around underground and animate the dead so it appeared like a random natural occurrence. They were pretty proud of themselves and rushed on to confront the mastermind, even after learning a little lesson in the importance of Con saves.

Then they found a giant Necro-Spider in the Cave of the Raven God filled with Web-Mummies. Oh well, back to square one. Varis’ “burn it all” plan is staring to look good.

Session 3
"The Un-un-un-un-undead"

After Daro woke up from his sword induced train to sleepytime junction, now with a new sense of religious conviction, the group decided to get the hell out of dodge. Aurana conveniently remembered a nearby town and volunteered to lead the group while also conveniently not mentioning why she knew about that place. One paranoid walk through the woods later they spotted a pillar of smoke and continued on to encounter their terrible fate; A HARMLESS OLD GNOME! After the sensible party members had enough of watching Daro freak out about the gnome Dandy, who chatted back in his same foreign language, they greeted the mayor of the town of Stonesthrow and followed him back to the tavern to find out what was going around with the town that made it smell like an evil barbecue.

In the tavern, Daro immediately launched into casting a divination ritual while Ryn and Varis questioned mayor Jaris. Apparently the town had a case of zombies. Eventually Daro finished his ritual and started making new friends in the bar at which time people decided it was time to head out and try their luck at the enchanted graveyard. It was less likely to end badly.

Out at the graveyard they committed some light dessecration, but found no clues, just a mosoleum that sounded like it was made of stone. Compleatly innocuous stone. However, on the walk back zombies attacked! Ryn helped mayor Jaris escape while Aurana chose her foe and beat it soundly. And then continued to beat it. And beat it some more. And continued to bash it like an ill-built piñata. Eventually some of the zombies began to collapse, mostly of boredom, until Ryn finished it off with a ranger spell she pulled out at just the right moment.

It was a great victory (everyone stayed in positives!), marred slightly by Daro flipping his lid at Ryn and delivering some incomprehensible lecture on magic and civilization. But in better news, once they get back to the village there is a shopping trip planned! Yay!

Session 2
"Drunken Turtle Style"

After taking a break to patch Aurana back up to consciousness, the group advanced to their next challenge. And it was insidious. A man…ON HIS BACK, UNDER A TABLE! It was an epic fight, if incredibly frustrating can be considered epic. Aurana took another brief trip to sleepytime and while the rest of the group celebrating Ryn and Varis killing the turtle master, Daro bandaided Aurana and interrogated his new goblin friend Ug. Ug had great news that the lower floor was just filled with skeletons. Ryn, Varis, and Aurana did not share Daro’s opinions on what constituted great news.

The group crept on exploring, with the blundering Daro staying sensibly behind right up until the moment when there were enemies to hide from at which point he wandered right into them. Luckily the rest of the group got into formation quickly, with Varis and Aurana doing great damage while Daro pressed his face into a skeleton. After that the group had settled into their room clearing procedure perfectly, with Varis skillfully picking the door of a hidden vault.

Daro wisely had detect magic as an active spell, detected suspicious enchantments on two swords, and then compleatly disregarded this information. Things went about as well as coukd be expected. Varis and Aurana set up a meele duo of death while Ryn showcased amazing accuracy while also showcasing that knowing how to hunt any creature does not help that much against things without organs. Daro ran around the room shooting spectral hands at the ceiling until a sword-point introduced its self to his organs. It was a team effort.

But in the end treasure! Also leveling up since we had reaches the Exp level of DM- “Oh, my god, would you people stop dying already!”

Session 1

Four…lets say heroes… met in a bar for a variety of reasons: Daro to stare at a girl (Not like that), Aurana to be left the fuck alone (exactly like that), Varis to drink on Daro’s dime, and Rey because unfortunately it was her job to serve the above idiots. They discussed magic, mortality, morality, and when it is acceptble to accuse an entire bar of having sold their souls to devils.

When they left (the tavern surprisingly intact) they got a taste of the local street culture to which Varis responded to by strait up gutting a dude in half a second. Aurana cast Sleep with her fists a few times while Daro tried to transfer his theoretical medical knowledge to a living patient who was rapidly becoming less so. After fleeing fro the guards and holding some impromptu interrogations the four, lets still say heroes, decided to skip town for a bit and chose their destination based on the word of a bar matron who it turns out had a very unconventional definition of the words “safe place to lie low”.

Upon arriving at the old fort the party flubbed some stealth rolls and murdered four people. But it’s ok, they left a note.


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