The Risen Generation

Session 4

"In-character coward"

After a night of mayor-saving, the group took a well-earned opportunity to rest and armor up. However, even amid all that there was a chance for Daro to corner Ryn to offer his apologies for his rant last night in the form of a new rant about his home civilization being destroyed by druids and elves or something. Mostly just whining. Ryn cheered him up with goodnatured reassurances from her bottomless well of partience for her party members’ idiocy.

By this point Varis was long gone, having taken two attacks from the undead in as many days as a sign that it might do well to get in a little better with the god Lady Luck. He made his proper offering but if it earned him anything other than a thumbs up from an old shrinekeeper only time will tell.

The rest of the group spent a god chunk of the day wandering through Stonesthrow trying to figure out Whats With The Zombies. They came up empty-handed except for a Daro plan to set up a series of Bait Bodies the next night. Ryn sighed at the apparent trend of all Daro’s plans involving desecration.

Fortunately, at this point a local Risen named Alise decided to volunteer that the local mausoleum had started to spit up zombos a while back. The town, quite sensibly, decided to lock the door and ignore it in the hope the problem would sort its self out. Mostly out of mounting confusion and frustration the party decided to go check this out and at least beat up some corpses if nothing else.

Inside they found corpses sure enough. Varis had a great time murdering the already dead, Aurana found herself doubly indebted to Daro’s Secret God of helpful healing spells, Daro found that other wizards are idiots for not wearing armor, and Ryn found a promising looking tunnel.

By now the party was confidant that they had worked out what was going on. The tunnle had been dug by controled Skeletons and had allowed a necromancer hiding in the village to sneak around underground and animate the dead so it appeared like a random natural occurrence. They were pretty proud of themselves and rushed on to confront the mastermind, even after learning a little lesson in the importance of Con saves.

Then they found a giant Necro-Spider in the Cave of the Raven God filled with Web-Mummies. Oh well, back to square one. Varis’ “burn it all” plan is staring to look good.



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