The Risen Generation

Session 3

"The Un-un-un-un-undead"

After Daro woke up from his sword induced train to sleepytime junction, now with a new sense of religious conviction, the group decided to get the hell out of dodge. Aurana conveniently remembered a nearby town and volunteered to lead the group while also conveniently not mentioning why she knew about that place. One paranoid walk through the woods later they spotted a pillar of smoke and continued on to encounter their terrible fate; A HARMLESS OLD GNOME! After the sensible party members had enough of watching Daro freak out about the gnome Dandy, who chatted back in his same foreign language, they greeted the mayor of the town of Stonesthrow and followed him back to the tavern to find out what was going around with the town that made it smell like an evil barbecue.

In the tavern, Daro immediately launched into casting a divination ritual while Ryn and Varis questioned mayor Jaris. Apparently the town had a case of zombies. Eventually Daro finished his ritual and started making new friends in the bar at which time people decided it was time to head out and try their luck at the enchanted graveyard. It was less likely to end badly.

Out at the graveyard they committed some light dessecration, but found no clues, just a mosoleum that sounded like it was made of stone. Compleatly innocuous stone. However, on the walk back zombies attacked! Ryn helped mayor Jaris escape while Aurana chose her foe and beat it soundly. And then continued to beat it. And beat it some more. And continued to bash it like an ill-built piƱata. Eventually some of the zombies began to collapse, mostly of boredom, until Ryn finished it off with a ranger spell she pulled out at just the right moment.

It was a great victory (everyone stayed in positives!), marred slightly by Daro flipping his lid at Ryn and delivering some incomprehensible lecture on magic and civilization. But in better news, once they get back to the village there is a shopping trip planned! Yay!



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