The Risen Generation

Session 2

"Drunken Turtle Style"

After taking a break to patch Aurana back up to consciousness, the group advanced to their next challenge. And it was insidious. A man…ON HIS BACK, UNDER A TABLE! It was an epic fight, if incredibly frustrating can be considered epic. Aurana took another brief trip to sleepytime and while the rest of the group celebrating Ryn and Varis killing the turtle master, Daro bandaided Aurana and interrogated his new goblin friend Ug. Ug had great news that the lower floor was just filled with skeletons. Ryn, Varis, and Aurana did not share Daro’s opinions on what constituted great news.

The group crept on exploring, with the blundering Daro staying sensibly behind right up until the moment when there were enemies to hide from at which point he wandered right into them. Luckily the rest of the group got into formation quickly, with Varis and Aurana doing great damage while Daro pressed his face into a skeleton. After that the group had settled into their room clearing procedure perfectly, with Varis skillfully picking the door of a hidden vault.

Daro wisely had detect magic as an active spell, detected suspicious enchantments on two swords, and then compleatly disregarded this information. Things went about as well as coukd be expected. Varis and Aurana set up a meele duo of death while Ryn showcased amazing accuracy while also showcasing that knowing how to hunt any creature does not help that much against things without organs. Daro ran around the room shooting spectral hands at the ceiling until a sword-point introduced its self to his organs. It was a team effort.

But in the end treasure! Also leveling up since we had reaches the Exp level of DM- “Oh, my god, would you people stop dying already!”



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