The Risen Generation

Session 1


Four…lets say heroes… met in a bar for a variety of reasons: Daro to stare at a girl (Not like that), Aurana to be left the fuck alone (exactly like that), Varis to drink on Daro’s dime, and Rey because unfortunately it was her job to serve the above idiots. They discussed magic, mortality, morality, and when it is acceptble to accuse an entire bar of having sold their souls to devils.

When they left (the tavern surprisingly intact) they got a taste of the local street culture to which Varis responded to by strait up gutting a dude in half a second. Aurana cast Sleep with her fists a few times while Daro tried to transfer his theoretical medical knowledge to a living patient who was rapidly becoming less so. After fleeing fro the guards and holding some impromptu interrogations the four, lets still say heroes, decided to skip town for a bit and chose their destination based on the word of a bar matron who it turns out had a very unconventional definition of the words “safe place to lie low”.

Upon arriving at the old fort the party flubbed some stealth rolls and murdered four people. But it’s ok, they left a note.



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